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Hair, Skin and Nails Guard


Result: Stronger, thicker nails; lustrous, vibrant hair; smoother, softer skin.

Benefit: Meets individual nutrient needs so hair, skin and nails reflect a more resilient you, because outer beauty requires inner health.

Fact: Unique combination of more potent nutrients correct deficits and more effectively create protein to repair and renew inside and out.

120 Tablets

Horsetail Grass


Horsetail grass contains silica, which is traditionally used for healthy hair and nails

100 capsules


Skin Assist


Skin Assist  is available by Vitanica.



Dietary Supplement

VITANICA®Skin Assist™ promotes healthy skin by supporting normal moisture content and promoting increased collagen production and cell turnover, also by promoting balanced hormonal effects on the glands and the physiological functions of the skin.

180 capsules